Steve | 24 | South Philly

Twittergram | stevediwhy

Musician, vinyl nerd, herbivore, Sabres supporter, pop culture junkie, humanitarian, narcissist, human.

Listen to my solo LP below and support the label I operate, Barn Burner Records by picking up the vinyl if you're into it.


Things just got more user-friendly!

Hey! You might notice if you look at my page that there is a new tab called DEMOS that you can click. This is a database of demo recordings of my most recent material, going back into stuff I recorded in March up to the most recent recordings I’ve posted these past few weeks. So instead of making people dig through all my posts, I put it all in one place. You’re welcome!

Don’t forget, I’m playing with Ramshackle Glory, Caleb Lionheart and Long Legs on July 2nd @ The Albany Social Justice Center! One of my only shows this summer so be sure to come through!