Hey, I'm Steve. I was born, raised and currently live in Upstate New York. I write songs sometimes. I released my debut full length "Hope Is All We Have" on Barn Burner Records in 2013. I'm well into the writing process for a follow up LP entitled "Selfish or Selfless". I have no plans for extensive touring in the immediate future, but I will be playing shows in my general area from time to time.

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New song (like I promised). Calling it “Unfit Dullard” 

In short, it’s about not using fucked up words. Everyone (including myself) needs to take a step back and take a critical look at the vocabulary used in every day conversation; and not use words that historically only exist to make people feel like less than people. Here are the lyrics.

I have no time for allegory
The skin on my knuckles is wearing thin
I’ll make this short and sweet and pissed
And to the point.

Language is a very powerful thing,
But like fire
It can light up a room

Or consume your home.

You better watch what you say
When you’re in the public space.
I won’t be silent if your choice of words
Only reinforces mindless hate.

Get fucked, you ignorant piece of shit.
Don’t call anyone a whore or a faggot
Ever again. 

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"Yeah fuck off, you whore."

I spent most of this evening with friends, drinking an odd mixture of iced coffee, coffee flavored porters and espresso flavored vodka. Unfortunately, I had much more coffee than liquor in my drink and therefore not only didn’t get drunk, but was wide awake and extra aware of the stupid things happening around me. On that note, I left the house party and caught a bus headed back to my apartment.

(this part is the meaningful part)

While on the bus, I saw a drunk young man trying to talk to this girl sitting next to him. He kept being loud, using physical placement to try to get her to notice him and ultimately go back to his dorm room and fuck him. She wasn’t interested. She left the bus, probably before getting back to campus because she was so threatened by his douchery, and as she leaves he says “Hey I got somethin’ to say to you.” She replied with a humble middle finger, to which he retorted “Yeah fuck off, you whore.”

Again, aware of everything happening around me, I approached this young man and told him he was “an ignorant piece of shit. You not only don’t talk to women that way, you don’t talk to anyone that way with that kind of careless disrespect. I’m sure you have slept with someone once in your life that you weren’t planning on marrying, and maybe she has too. I don’t know her, you don’t either. If you don’t consider yourself a whore for having casual sex, why call her one? Either you’re both whores or you’re both just people testing the waters. Don’t call anyone a whore again, you stupid fucking prick.”

His intelligent retorts to my educated and caffeine fueled response were “Yeah you look real good tonight, bro. Not. You look like a fucking faggot, you douchebag.” If I were a different kind of person I may have struck him where he sat. I gave him a less humble middle finger as I exited the bus and went home.

If you’re ever in a situation where someone around you is being ignorant, whether it be some gender related issues like mine was, racism, classism or whatever; don’t just sit back and let it happen. Confront them. Get in their face and let them know that their way of thinking keeps everyone around them trapped in the small box that they view the world in. If you don’t say something to somebody saying fucked up things, you might as well be saying the fucked things yourself. Take a stand and have some common fucking decency.