Hey, I'm Steve. I was born, raised and currently live in Upstate New York. I write songs sometimes. I released my debut full length "Hope Is All We Have" on Barn Burner Records in 2013. I'm well into the writing process for a follow up LP entitled "Selfish or Selfless". I have no plans for extensive touring in the immediate future, but I will be playing shows in my general area from time to time.

If you do follow me, you can hear demos of new material I'm working on, get information on shows I'm playing, get a glimpse of other aspects of my life and see what all of my friends in (more successful and relevant) bands are up to. You can get in touch directly through my ask box or via email at
stevediwhy (at) gmail (dot) com and thanks a lot for taking a second to check out what I'm doing.

Physical copies of my full length can be purchased at http://barnburnerrecords.limitedrun.com/ and the entire record can be streamed and downloaded for free directly below. Thanks.


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