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The Gaslight Anthem - “National Anthem”

I never will forget you my American love
And I’ll always remember you, wild as they come
And though if I saw you Id pretend not to know
The place where you were in my heart is now closed
I already live with too many ghosts

Now everybody lately is living up in space
Flying through transmissions on invisible airwaves
With everything discovered just waiting to be known
What’s left for God to teach from his thrown?
And who will forgive us when hes gone?

So, take what you need now honey
And do what you like
Don’t worry about me Mama, I’m alright

And I cant stand the weather, no I never liked the rain
We drink on the job then we go home early
And I remember she used to look so good in that dress
Now she just screams how I promised her more than this
Take it easy baby, it ain’t over yet

So, take what you need now honey
And do what you like
Don’t worry about me Mama, I’m alright

And if there’s something you need
And if there’s something you find
Whatever gets you through the night
Whatever gets you through the night
I never will forget you my american love
And I’ll always remember you wild as they do come.

This song nearly brought me to tears. Seriously.

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    Know if I saw you I’d pretend not to know. The place where you were in my heart has now closed, and I already live with...
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