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New Music Monday - “Hole In The Mountain”

Here’s a new one. Hopefully this track doesn’t piss too many people off. It’s not going to be on the full length. It’s pretty straightforward and pretty slow in comparison to my other material.

While you were half way around the world,
I went back to my Father’s house
Found all my possessions tucked away in boxes
Dressed in dust from memory and repair.

I found my life as I once lived it
In ticket stubs, photographs and bitter, lovesick poetry.
Surely, I have changed in distance and in time
A change of heart, a change of pace, I’ve changed my mind.

But you missed nearly everything
That came before what brought me here today.

While you were half way around the world,
I thought of the boy that I once was
All the things I couldn’t say, all my misspellings and mistakes
And misconceptions of the world from where I was raised.

There and back again, I found some courage.
The will to say what’s on my mind and do as I please.
To be a little kinder and a little more open minded
I was told “You must get lost to find your way.” 

I am not afraid of what these four walls might do
If I choose to scream.

To the girl with music in her name
What do you say?
Would you like to get to know
The boy I am today?
When you do return
And I have some money saved,
Would you like to take a trip up North
For a couple days?

Will you bring me something back
From the place you’ve been away? 

As always, repost if you enjoy it and write anonymous hate mail if you didn’t enjoy it. Thanks.

06/11/12 at 2:08pm
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