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New song (like I promised). Calling it “Unfit Dullard” 

In short, it’s about not using fucked up words. Everyone (including myself) needs to take a step back and take a critical look at the vocabulary used in every day conversation; and not use words that historically only exist to make people feel like less than people. Here are the lyrics.

I have no time for allegory
The skin on my knuckles is wearing thin
I’ll make this short and sweet and pissed
And to the point.

Language is a very powerful thing,
But like fire
It can light up a room

Or consume your home.

You better watch what you say
When you’re in the public space.
I won’t be silent if your choice of words
Only reinforces mindless hate.

Get fucked, you ignorant piece of shit.
Don’t call anyone a whore or a faggot
Ever again. 

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06/07/12 at 8:38pm
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